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    Sleek & Shine
    Anti-Frizz Serum

    Obtén la suavidad más intensa hasta ahora con el suero antifrizz Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum.

    Detiene el frizz por 3 días completos, aun con 97% de humedad.

      Aceite de argán ultrasuavizante de Marruecos Aceite de albaricoque

      Cómo usarlo: Pulsa una vez o más de acuerdo a tu tipo de cabello para dispensar el suero en tus manos. Aplícalo uniformemente en el cabello húmedo o seco. No lo enjuagues. Para un cabello más sedoso y liso, estiliza tu cabello usando un secador de mano y cepillo. Para mejores resultados, usa el Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine System.

      ¿Lo sabías?
      ¡Estamos contribuyendo más con el ambiente! Nueva botella Eco-Fructis
      Un nuevo diseño de botella hecha de PET, el plástico más reciclado
      Contiene 50% de material reciclado
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      Sleek hair for a full 3 days even in 97% humidity

    Garnier - Fructis - Sleek & Shine - Anti-Frizz Serum 4.1 5 55 55
    I love Garnier hair products #Garnier#LoveIt I will always buy this brand and no other one!!! June 1, 2014
    This hair product makes your hair smooth and shiny The best shine and smoothing product I have ever used. June 1, 2014
    Makes my hair look pretty! It is so hard to get my hair to do 3 things: Stay curly for 2 days, shine, and not get all frizzy. This takes care of the last 2! It takes a lot for my hair, since it is so long and I have a lot of it. But I don't mind buying more since the price is so low! It doesn't make my hair look greasy or disgusting. May 31, 2014
    my hair is long.I was ready to cut it until I found this. I love it. thank you and my hair thanks you. My hair is long I wasready to cut it until I found this. Thank you and mmy hair thanks you January 9, 2014
    Can't get enough of it! I have very long, thick, wavy, and damaged hair. It is hard to straighten my hair without becoming wavy, frizzy, or extremely nappy. When i used this product for the first time, i was scared it was going to leave my hair greasy and oily but it doesn't! I love this serum so much and it has made my hair so healthy! With day old hair i can still style my hair looking shiny and good as new. I definitely recommend this product to thick haired girls, i promise you, you won't go back to any other product but this one!! September 4, 2013
    THIS PRODUCT IS THE BEST Before I started using this product, I washed my hair every other day or every 2 days. But my hair gets oily pretty fast but then once I wash it, my hair becomes really poofy, frizzy, dry, un-hydrated, and it looked completely damaged, but then after a day it de-poofed on its own. However, when I started using this product, I first washed my hair and conditioned it, then I would comb through it and apply a coat of this product over my hair and then I would blow-dry it with heat. After I blow-dried it, it became sleek, shiny, smooth, healthy, and not damaged at all. This product allows my hair to look great 24/7 even when I apply heat. August 12, 2013
    Can't say enough about it I am a mom to a beautiful little girl who lost her hair during medical treatment - when it regrew, it was very fine, but she has a lot, and it is quite wavy. You can imagine what brushing it was like. Sheer torture. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try a bit of my Sleek & Shine in her hair, and I can NOT get over the difference! We used to have to braid her hair before bed to have any chance of getting a brush through it in the morning, now she goes to bed with her hair down, and I can finger comb it in the morning - no snags, no frizz and a BEAUTIFUL shine. For a little girl who has had to go through losing her hair, now getting constantly complimented on her beautiful locks puts her on cloud 9 every time. Thanks, Garnier <3 August 11, 2013
    A True Frizz Stopper!! I am African American and my hair is very curly and thick, and I have a TON of it. With this serum, all the curls and frizz are straightened out and my hair is so shiny after I flat iron it. It smells very pleasant and sweet, and even for thick hair it doesn't take a lot. I really love this stuff! :) August 7, 2013
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