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    Pure Clean
    Fortifying Shampoo

    Una alternativa más verde y pura para tu cabello. El champú Pure Clean logra un cabello más fuerte y saludable sin disminuir el volumen. Su fórmula no contiene silicona, parabeno ni tintes.

      Baya de acerola antioxidante

      ¿Lo sabías?¡Estamos contribuyendo más con el ambiente! Nueva botella Eco-Fructis
      Un nuevo diseño de botella hecha de PET, el plástico más reciclado
      Contiene 50% de material reciclado.

      Cómo usarlo: Masajea el champú en el cabello mojado, haz espuma y enjuágalo bien. Para mejores resultados, usa el sistema Garnier Fructis Pure Clean.

      Un cabello limpio y fresco, 10 veces más fuerte, 4 veces más saludable y mucho más brillante*.

      *En pruebas de peinado con cepillo para medir el nivel de quebraduras y en pruebas con peine, usando el sistema de champú y acondicionador Garnier Fructis Pure Clean, comparado con un champú sin acondicionador.

    Garnier - Fructis - Pure Clean - Fortifying Shampoo 3.4 5 112 112
    Skeptical now I'm in love! I wasn't too sure about buying the shampoo and conditioner, but having curly hair it's all about trial and error. I've come to the conclusion that the more "moisturizers" in shampoos and conditioners I have bought over the years, weigh my hair down, make it oily and very hard to manage. I decided to try something "cleansing" rather than "moisturizing" this time and picked the "Pure Clean" shampoo and conditioner..... WHAT A DIFFERENCE! My hair feels and looks great and it smells good too! Definitely what my curls needed! July 5, 2012
    Love the shampoo, my hair is really clean after I use it for a long time. I love this shampoo, it cleans my fine hair wonderfully. April 1, 2014
    Love, love, love it! This is by far the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. My hair is the healthiest it has been since I started dyeing it at 14. The shampoo cleans without stripping the natural oils and the conditioner leaves no heavy residues. It even keeps my dandruff under control. I'm hooked for life. Thank you so much! December 16, 2013
    Soft and Shiny I tried a sample of both the shampoo and conditioner. I loved it! I have wavy/curly hair and sometimes have a problem finding something suitable. They were great. It left my hair with no frizz, soft and shiny. I ran out and bought both! September 6, 2013
    Consistently great Love it. My hair (and my shower drain) can both attest to low residue from this shampoo. I switched to it because I was noticing a lot of shedding and was starting to suspect silicone in other shampoos. Previously I had felt I had flat, oily hair, and now it has more volume, is noticeably cleaner for longer periods, and still is not dry. It has a reasonable shine and it's pretty easy to comb through, even with just my fingers. Sleek it's not, but that's never been a priority for me--also, I don't bother with conditioner, and that would probably solve a bit of that. I switched to it during my last pregnancy and I'm expecting again, and it seems to deal with my hair consistently well, despite hormonal variations. I've tried a couple other shampoos--ones I've used before and different ones--since I started using this, and I keep coming back to Pure Clean. July 2, 2013
    Great for curly girls My curls went from damaged to beautiful ! Love!!!! May 27, 2013
    Definitely in Love I love this product. It's the only one that I've used that doesn't leave my hair with static and won't weigh down my fine hair. I feel clean and fresh every time I use it. April 29, 2013
    If you keep making, I'll keep buying! So far I have only used the conditioner, which I just found out today... Garnier has sold the conditioner in two different Pure Clean bottle syles and I thought the larger was the shampoo when it was actually the conditioner. So, of course because of my stupid mistake I thought Pure Clean just wasn't for me, since my hair was getting oily, but now I know that I have been just conditoning my hair twice and not shampooing it at all. Silly me! I plan to buy two shampoos to match my two conditioners tomorrow. :) Thanks for making a green product so readily available! March 16, 2013
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